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Nov-Dec 2021

 2021 National Meet Detroit, Michigan




President’s Message November-December 2021



Greetings Chrysler Club Members,


As is obvious, the Chrysler Club covers all Chrysler products and Affiliates.  You do not need to own an older Chrysler affiliated vehicle or even a new one. As I have stated a few times, I see our role as an organization will be changing. We are and have been a social organization to promote the restoration of our cars as well as a format for like-minded enthusiasts to gather to enjoy our cars and each other. I consider we are emerging to also embrace our collective history and to preserve it.  Especially in today’s society with so many ways to connect with other enthusiasts all across the world, why would someone join a local or even national club?  Well… for a variety of reasons, and the main ones are; there has to be some formal organization to organize our activities, structure the national and regional clubs, and the emerging and most important one is to preserve the history. There is no other entity with the goal and capability to do this. To that end, I hope within the next year we can coordinate with every other Chrysler Product or affiliate organization. We should establish some formal dialog. Initially, working together to coordinate activities.  Where we can, we should. We intend to also publish the national meet dates and locations for all other Chrysler affiliated clubs. My hope is that this will ultimately strengthen all of our clubs towards the common goal of preserving the vehicles and the history. I have already begun reaching out to other leaders of the many Chrysler products and affiliated national clubs.   If you are a leader in a national club, please feel free to reach out to anyone on the WPC BOD or to myself. 


I am also keenly aware of the role our regions play in supporting our national organization. Simply put, without them and the support of their members, we may not exist. As a member of a few different organizations and regional clubs, I am always thinking, what is the national organization bringing to the table and if I join the region, why then must I also join the national club?  Aside from insurance for regional meets and tours(a really good reason), the only really tangible benefit has been the WPC News publication and if your lucky, some coordination for a national meet in your region. We must do better.  I would like to hear more from regions and members about what we can do to help them. Any constructive feedback is welcomed. Feel free to reach out to me directly, any of the BOD members or send up through your region leadership.  Standby to hear much more about this in the coming months.



Bill Adams, Oakdale, CA



And now a note from our WPC News Editor Frank Pascoe -  A REMINDER NOTE TO ALL THE MEMBERS WHO GO SOUTH FOR THE WINTER:


Please send Terry Williams your address where you spend the winter, and tell him when you will be returning home. The Post Office is not forwarding any periodicals. The club does not use first class mail for most of the mailings. You must write Terry again when you are going back home. The club has to pay $1.80 for every magazine that comes back. Please remember to change your address just like you would for any other magazine you subscribe to.





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