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July / August 2021

  Chrysler Kercheval Body Plant




President’s Message June / July 2021


Hi Y’all,

Mary and I are eagerly awaiting the W.P.C. 2021 National Meet. Our meet Chairman, Kevin McCabe has put forth plans for an excellent event. Your attendance is vital to the continuation of our annual meet. Please make an effort to attend, register today. You must register before July 23, 2021, no registration after this date and not the day of show. Registrants will receive one collared shirt, bearing the traditional Chrysler blue ribbon medallion, as part of the registration package, others will be available for purchase as the supply lasts. (Please refer to the registration form to choose the shirt size that you want.) Additionally, there will be NO CHARGE for the Sunday brunch for each registrant and guest.

I became your President in July, 2019 and in two years learned many things about this club. Never before has a Board of Directors taken such an active part in the day-to-day operation of the W.P.C. Club, everyone stepped up to the plate and brought the club back from near bankruptcy. Finding a new editor, there was only one name on my mind, Frank Pascoe. Thank you, Frank and Debbie for a job well done.

So, why am I saying all of this? I have been a member since 1986, serving 4 years as your Vice President and now two years as your President. It is time for me to step aside, younger energy and newer ideas will make our club more attractive to younger members.

So, in my final President’s Message, I say to the Board of Directors and all members, Many, Many Thanks.

See ya at the Marriott. Pat        Download a registration form


And now a note from our WPC News Editor Frank Pascoe -  A REMINDER NOTE TO ALL THE MEMBERS WHO GO SOUTH FOR THE WINTER:


Please send Terry Williams your address where you spend the winter, and tell him when you will be returning home. The Post Office is not forwarding any periodicals. The club does not use first class mail for most of the mailings. You must write Terry again when you are going back home. The club has to pay $1.80 for every magazine that comes back. Please remember to change your address just like you would for any other magazine you subscribe to.





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