President’s Message  September – October  2023

Greetings Chrysler faithful,

Happy fall,
We had a very productive summer with a fantastic meet in Buffalo, NY hosted by the Western New York Mopars club aka
tthe Western New York region of the WPC club. They worked their tails off to make the meet work and it certainly paid off. My favorite part of the meet was the Pierce Arrow museum. If you ever get a chance to visit this place, leap at it. You will not be disappointed.  

Your club continues to march forward with expansion. We are experiencing growth in many areas and our membership continues to expand. Why is this? Many factors. Mostly exposure to existing enthusiasts and being more welcoming to all of them. We also need to remain focused on activities. Recently I reached out to a club that is solely focused on one make but still a Chrysler product to ask if I could participate in their activity. 

 They responded that I was welcome to attend as a prospective member but not with a Chrysler as it is not the recognized marquee. This is a very shortsighted approach and a recipe for immediate death if the key people pull out for whatever reason.  

I have been preaching unity for a few years now. We are finally starting to make some inroads into this.  Attending Chryslers at Carlisle and continued outreach to others is starting to yield good results and we are now growing the club.  This year we have networked with others from the DeSoto club, Plymouth club, 300 Club and the Imperial club.   Appreciate  the relationship thus far and looking forward to furthering them for all our benefits.

Bill Adams.

And now a note from our WPC News Editor Frank Pascoe

Well, that was a fast summer, eh? It was well filled with lots of Mopar activities, what with the National Meet in the Niagara Falls area and the countless cruising activities through out the season.  I personally, put more miles on my Charger this summer than in the 20 years previous. Here in  the South east Michigan area the weather in late September has been July-like. However, all good things come to pass and normal autumn temperatures are right around the corner. Soon, my ‘73 will be put into it’s deep winter slumber.

This issue of the WPC NEWS will feature the 2023 WPC Club’s National Meet that was held in the Buffalo, NY region this past August. It was a great event; club members and their rides came from all over the map. Lots of old friendships were renewed and new ones were made. The Niagara Falls, one of the natural wonders of the world were spectacular to experience. Our car show brought out the best and the  rightest. The 53rd Annual Meet is another one for the memory books.  

We are announcing the 2024 National Meet, too. So, save the date. See you there next summer. 

Also, in this issue we highlight another addition to our Readers Rides column. Please keep them
coming, as many of our members have great vehicles and the stories behind their ownership, to

Once again, we welcome new members into our club, from all over the globe. It is wonderful to have this large amount of Chrysler enthusiasts join our ranks.

\WPC NEWS needs to have all of the club’s regions contribute to the Regional Activities pages.  Members from all around would like to be on top of what is happening and what will happen in the varied regions based in our club. As we travel to destinations in our land, it would be great to know if there is a club activity with which we might be able to participate. As such, we will be introducing a standardized format that each region can use to highlight their events to come. An example of this is in the issue from the Tennessee Valley region. A blank template will be distributed to each regional representative. Hopefully, this will help each region to contribute on a regular basis.

In closing, Help keep America beautiful on our highways and byways , get your Mopars out
Yours in Chrysler motoring,
Frank Pascoe, , Editor of the WPC News


Please send Terry Williams your address where you spend the winter, and tell him when you will be returning home. The Post Office is not forwarding any periodicals. The club does not use first class mail for most of the mailings. You must write Terry again when you are going back home. The club has to pay $1.80 for every magazine that comes back. Please remember to change your address just like you would for any other magazine you subscribe to.