President’s Message  March / April, 2024

Hello fellow Chrysler nuts,
First and foremost, I must point out the tragic loss felt by the club, family and friends of Wayne Simonson. I got to know
Wayne when I came to the national meet in Kalamazoo, MI. I had to do a double take and a few walk arounds of his 64 Chrysler 300K, ram equipped, 4 speed, convertible. I had never even heard of a 4 speed one. The F and G generally get a lot more attention as Letter Cars with Ram setups but the J and K’s with the short rams and cast iron headers are arguably a much more potent drivetrain. A kickdown or 3rd gear drop at highway speeds in a short ram car is a mind blowing and very torque enhancing experience. Wayne also owned many other fantastic Mopars. Some of which he had ordered brand new. His family was very rooted in the Chrysler world as he was a retiree and I believe his grandfather started working at Maxwell Motors in the early 1900’s. I feel fortunate to have been able to get to know Wayne and absorb even a little of his knowledge and passion for our hobby. Godspeed Wayne. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what a significant pleasure it has been to work with Susan as well. I look forward to continuing to work with her in some capacity moving forward and hope we will have the benefit of her insight and humor in the club for much longer. 

April showers bring May flowers…. Or so the saying goes. After having lived in many parts of the country, I came back to
California for the great weather. However, this year is testing my patience as it is raining a lot this spring. But looking on the
bright side, it should really bring out the “May flowers” in a couple weeks so I am looking forward to motoring through the
foothills to see them. Another thing I am itching to do is get the Model 72 Boattail speedster AKA the “RedHead special” on
the road this summer. I have never had a Chrysler product this early and I am anticipating a lot of enjoyment to be had.
Ok, I’ll stop whining and get back to work…

Bill Adams

Editor’s Message – March – April 2024 

Greetings, Fellow Moparians,
By now, most of us in the WPC Club and the Mopar collector’s world around us, are aware of the tragic loss
of our dear friend and club member, Wayne Simonson. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Susan and all of
Wayne’s family for his passing. The Mopar community, both locally and nationally, will be deeply affected as
well. Wayne was such an integral part of all things Mopar. He, and generations of Simonsons before and after
him, were employed by the Corporation. Wayne started working in November of 1963 as a line worker in the
Jefferson trim plant. From there, he moved on to the Centerline complex and Warren Warehouse where he went
on to various supervisory positions. Wayne ended his 38 year career in the Warren Parts complex as Warehouse
and Maintenance Supervisor in February of 2001. If one was to know him, one would know that Wayne lived
and breathed at Chrysler as Mopar Blue. He “talked the talk and walked the walk.” His vast experience working
there, he loved to share with those around him. His great stories and anecdotes gave us a feel for the pulse of the
company, what made it tick.

Not only was he a company man, but Wayne had a passion for the marque. His collection of Chrysler products
was amazing, he loved talking about the different models tucked away in his pole barns. If you were a guest
in Wayne and Susan’s home, the collection of Chrysler memorabilia, swag, plaques, awards, posters, diecast
and promo models that adorned every shelf, nook and cranny would have blown your mind. Also, decades of
collecting and cataloguing literature made this Mopar treasure trove worthy of museum status. Wayne would
take newcomers on a tour and amaze them with stories behind each and every displayed item.

Wayne loved the WPC Club, he and Susan were active in both the local Great Lakes Region as well as the
National club, where he served on the Board of Directors as the club treasurer. He had been a member for
decades, since nearly its inception. They attended most all of the National meets.

On a personal note, Debbie and I joined the WPC Club, over 16 years ago. We knew no one, really, either in
the local or national chapter. I remember attending our first National meet in Pennsylvania. We caravanned with
Wayne and Susan and a bunch of other members on the way there. We were made to feel comfortable and a
part of the group, right from the get go. Wayne had a way of welcoming us, as we shared a common bond and I
looked up to him as he shared and passed on all his years of experience with Chrysler and its historical legacy.
When I became involved in the GLR and the national WPC Club boards, his advice as to the workings of the
organizations, for me, proved to be invaluable. Wayne Simonson left a mark on the company he loved, the
Chrysler car collector world, and the WPC Club that he served with a passion. He will be sorely missed.

Yours in Chrysler motoring,

Frank Pascoe,  Editor, WPC News.


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