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1975 Dodge Coronet Crestwood


1975 Dodge Coronet Crestwood Wagon, 
Michael Bonkowski  - Livonia, MI

My late parents purchased her back in July, 1978 in Hot Springs, AK when our RV broke down and we had to get home.  Being that my family was die-hard FoMoCo, it was an oddity in a house full of Fords and Mercurys.   By 1985, I was a senior in high school and I needed a car to drive.  Well, my dad gave me my first car, this actual car.  I drove it a few weeks and complained about driving a 10 year old “wagon” in high school.  Little did I know that complaint would save her!   It was parked in a friend’s field for the next 10-12 years before thoughts of restoring it and driving her in the Woodward Dream Cruise.  How hard can restoring a wagon be??  Starting with rusted metal, standing water & algae in the interior, I began the process.  Now 20+ years, 4 parts cars and two restorations later, one being a ground up, she looks great.  I’ve been stopped at gas stations and strangers have asked to just sit in my car since they remember someone they grew up with had a car just like that.   At shows, people drag their kids over and show them the third seat and say “That’s where I sat growing up with your Aunt/Uncle”.  Even modern kids get a kick out of the rear facing seat.  She’s been in several newspaper articles and in the documentary “Wagonmasters-The Movie” as well as other local appearances. Being the top trim level of the Coronet wagon line, it’s odd that she only has a 318 engine, but I’ve kept her stock (except for a change from vinyl to cloth seats) and only added items that would have been available as an option on the car, such as the Rallye wheels.  Only concession to the modern world is the A/C refrigerant. She may not be a muscle car but she is rare and quite fun to drive.  My daughter has already asked to drive it.   But not till she’s older and well trained!


1956 Plymouth Savoy,  Mark Dambrosio,  Orange County CA.

When I was 18 I had in 1956 Plymouth Savoy 2 door hardtop 273 v8 2 barrel pushbutton TorqueFlite 2 speed. Fast forward to today and in 30 years I have not seen another in person until about a month ago when at a local museum I saw this car... and long story short worked out a deal to get it. It is an ex Harrah's collection car. I have all the documentation...
the broadcast sheets... the build sheet from the Chrysler Historic Society.... and a volume compiled from the National Auto Museum ie the Harrah's collection. It is a 27,000 miles original survivor that did spend many of her years on display but it is 100% original paint and interior. Now that I own her I feel like I'm a custodian of Americana and History but I do plan on showing the car and letting the judges decide. it is already won two best in shows in the unrestored category



1940 Chrysler Windsor
Matthias Roehl,  Roedinghausen, Germany

I purchased this 1940 Chrysler C25 Windsor at Hershey show in 2003 from a private person who sold the car on behalf of an old lady from Rahway, PA. She was first owner, the mileage was 35.000 miles on the clock.    The body and mechanics on the car was in very, very good shape, although the interior was rotten and the mice had build nests inside.    I disassembled the major parts like doors, fenders, hood and trunk door for restoration. All new old style safety glass was done. The body got a new paint, but very near to original tone in silk gray. RAL tone  7044 matches perfectly.    No frame off restoration was necessary, all is extremely straight and no rust was on this car. Only some dents and very much faded and chalked paint.  Right now I am assembling the interior. That has been renewed in dark blue and I hope to finish the car for the "big" Germany Chrysler meeting in Datteln, Germany in August 2006.

1938 Chrysler C-18 Royal Rumble Seat Coupe
 Ole C Renskoug, Norway

This rare car - only 363 were built - came to Norway in 1938.  I incidentally bought it as my first car in 1965 for celebrating High School. Marrying in 1972, we drove from the church in it.  Having been in use all year round, it was de-registered in 1974 – not being a very practical family car - but I decided to restore it when I became a pensioner. Thus it has sat in my garage and only been driven in the yard every year until 2010. 

Later investigating its history, the car was initially purchased as a gift to a farmer’s son on his 20th birthday.  The Build card lists a number of options like overdrive, fender skirts, clock, chrome horn ring and wheel rings, etc.. Sadly, the son was killed during WW2. The car subsequently had three local owners from 1946 till 1959, when the latter moved to Oslo, and where I purchased it for approx. 125 dollars! 

Having had no suitable garage facilities, my main task as been to source and purchase parts – everywhere from Hawaii USA to New Zealand - and administering the project.  The body, paint and interior have been excellently restored in Latvia, and the original engine was likewise rebuilt at a pro-shop here in Norway. I have done most of the undercarriage parts myself, and final assembly in a rented garage with great assistance of passionate friends.  The car is re-registered on its the original 1938 plate, and I have done around 700 miles in it this summer.  Whilst originally painted “Chinchilla Grey Poly”, I have adopted close to the 1938 “Chinese Gold Poly” body color.  Needless to say, the car attracts great attention everywhere!



1975 Dodge D200  Don Rush, Gowen Michigan

This is another older truck that is earning it’s keep every day. I repair antique cars, part time and this truck has hauled vehicles and parts since 1999 all year, in Michigan weather, This 1975 Dodge D200 came to Michigan from California in 1989, at the time that I bought it. lIt had hauled cars from the east and west coasts several times. I undercoat it every Fall with new 5W-30 oil inside all panels and underneath to keep the rust away. I repainted it about 10 years ago in my shop with acrylic enamel. My truck has a balanced, center lined 318 with a purple Mopar cam, thermoquad carb,. 360 heads, 327 trans and 3.54 gears. It has true dual exhaust with Flowmaster mufflers. In 1993, I installed 1998 Dodge wheels to get away from 16.5” wheels. It pulls a loaded car trailer well and sounds great doing it.


1955 Desoto Firedome Sportsman

Kjartan Olavsrud




1931 Chrysler CM Roadster.
Paul Zangari

This 1931 CM roadster was found in Quebec by a fellow New England collector in the mid 1980s; he sold it to me shortly after bringing it home. All there and running, only one brake piston was moving when I got it! A complete brake rebuild, radiator and fuel-tank boil-out, oil-pan cleaning, new top and a set of tires, and my uncle & I drove from Rhode Island to Hershey and back. That was a while ago. It’s currently under a bunch of stuff in my garage but I hope to return to the road by this time next year!

1979 Chrysler LeBaron Medallion - Fridrik R. Eggertsson,  Iceland      
This car was originally scheduled to go to Saudi Arabia but for some reason ended on a 
layover place in Germany. From that place it was bought by the Chrysler
dealership in Iceland about a year later along with several other LeBaron cars.
This car was first registered in Iceland in July 1980. The build sheet of the
car registers a build date of 13th. of December 1978 at the St. Louis, Missouri
plant. This car came with well equipped with power windows, power driver's
seat, power trunk lid release, remote controlled door mirrors. It also had T-Bar
roof as well as the E-58 360 cu.in. four barrel engine rated at 195 hp.
According to mr. Galen V. Govier only 556 of those cars were made with the E-58
engine and only 860 had the T-Bar roof so the question remains how many had



1949 Dodge Wayfarer Roadster
Ross and Annie Horton,  Whidbey Island, WA

The 1949 Dodge roadster I obtained from a Lady In Oregon who was the 2nd and 4th owner.  It ran well enough to drive home (about 300 mi.)  I spent the Winter of 1997 refreshing it and It has been a consisted prize winner.  The 1949 Dodge Wayfarer roadster was a true roadster as it has no side windows.  It uses side curtains.   

The roadster was part of the Wayfarer line and was built on 115" wheelbase. The Meadowbrook and Coronet lines were on 123 1/2" W.B.  You could also order this body with roll up windows for $35 more.  The car listed at $1727 which was about $100 less than Ford or Chevy. rag tops.

1949 Plymouth Suburban
Ross and Annie Horton,  Whidbey Island, WA

The 1949 Suburban is Annie's grocery getter.  I located this one in Indiana May of 2004.  Took it for a test drive and again drove it home.  2400 mi. this time and no problems.  This car has had a paint job, rechromed bumpers and the front seat cushions re done the rest is as I bought it plus a little soap and water.

The 1949 Plymouth Suburban was the first all steel station wagon from Chrysler Corp.   It was part of the Deluxe line which was built on a 111" wheelbase.   The Special Deluxe line was on a 118 1/2" W.B. The Suburban listed for $1840.
Ross Horton


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