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1947 Plymouth Deluxe Club Coupe,  Lindsay McKenzie, New Zealand 

I gave this car a full ground up restoration from a very badly rusted car completing the restoration in March 2003 . After the war we only got sedans sold in New Zealand . Any coupes or convertibles that did made it here were private imports so very few made it here . Mine was imported used from USA in 1948 and very roughly converted to RHD.
My father owned a Plymouth bodied Dodge when I was a kid and that gave me the desire to own a coupe one day . I ended up buying his old car to use as a donor car .

1935 Plymouth Deluxe Sports Roadster .  Lindsay McKenzie, New Zealand 

 The body was built by TJ Richards , Adelaide , Australia and that is why it a roadster and not a convertible coupe as in USA and ones sold in New Zealand. I bought this car off a friend . It was not running when I got it but got it running , rebuilt the brakes, etc so it is drivable but to  get it reregistered and  warrant of fitness to be able to legally drive it I will have to restore it . I believe it is the only one in NZ . I do not have any history on the car .


 1957 Hudson Hornet Custom sedan, Lindsay McKenzie,  New Zealand

1 of only 10 factory built RHD units exported from USA and 1 of only 3 sold in New Zealand new . Only 232 Hudsons had this colour scheme . Previous owner repainted it in its factory colours, rebuilt the engine & automatic transmission .

1967 Chrysler Newport convertible
Frank Carter
Lynwood, WA

In 1989, I obtained a '67 Newport convertible via a straight across trade for a'66 300 coupe that I had.. Of course there were attendant rust issues and I arranged to have the body work and painting done to address these. The next day the body man phoned me and let me know that there was major rust through where  the front spring shackled attached to the body and advised me that the cost to fix this was beyond the value of the car.; He did inform me that he knew of

another '67 convert. I went to see this one and subsequently purchased it and with much dismay proceeded to part out the original convert. Convert #2 came with factory disk brakes as well as the bucket seat/buddy seat option. The original 383 was severely cracked and I replaced it with a 440 TNT setup. Over the years, improvements have been done to make it a good daily driver and we  have been all over the place with it. Of course, the old gal has a serious drinking problem but at least she is dependable and stays where she is parked.



1946 Chrysler Town & Country

Paul Jenkins   Charlottetown,  Prince Edward Island

I purchased this Catalina tan colored chariot in 1968 and it is reported to have been the 127th made that year .  I drove from Prince Edward Island Canada 700 miles to Boston, Mass. where I purchased it from an executor  of a deceased second owner  who had it advertised in Hemmings. This automobile came from the factory equipped with push button radio, twin spot and  fog lights and heaters, chrome  luggage rack hydramatic transmission & fluid coupling  with a flat head 6 cylinder engine .I added the Fulton exterior sun visor & other Chrysler accessories during my over forty years of ownership.  The car is perpetually antique licensed and driven on Canadian & sometimes US highways during the summer months,  built & sold  in the USA only  and cost approximately $3000.00 new from Chrysler dealerships .  In the opinion of many, including myself having owned over 100 vehicles during my lifetime ,this Town & Country is one of the better built ,durable automobiles ever manufactured by Chrysler or any other Corporation.

1942 DeSoto Fifth Avenue
Jim Humlong,   Ann Arbor Michigan

The 5th Avenue  was a package deal where all available factory options were installed at one price,   considerably lower than the sum total of individual purchased options.    This included fender skirts, push button radio, special 5th Avenue Badging on radio speaker grille and hood ID,  turn signals,  parking brake warning light, electric antenna, special cigarette dispensing steering wheel hub, lighter,  electric clock,  4 speed hydraulic transmission with fluid drive, white plastic trim rings on wheels to simulate whitewall tires,  chrome plated stoplight housing,  and various other items not to mention a translucent lighted hood ornament.    The car also has a special Sportsman Highlander Plaid interior     The hidden headlights are a real novel design idea and only used for 1942 models.   It is powered by a 236 CID flathead  6 cylinder engine.   It is a pleasure to drive and lives up to its tag line of the “smartest designed car of 1942”. 


61 Newport Wagon

Ralph and Barbara Meilander

Sheffield Lake, OHio

1970 Plymouth Superbird

Jon and Patty Carson
Woodinville, WA 

1961 Chrysler Newport Hardtop Wagon

It is now on the road as a daily driver.  I have replaced the exhaust, tires and wheels, brakes, shocks and gas tank.  Other wise the only repiars were the dash gauges and lighting, and a thorough cleaning and buff job.  The car was parked in 1965 and has only 51000 miles and no rust anywhere. It is making losing the Saratoga easier!   
  Jon Carson       Fenders and Fins Restorations




1979 Dodge Lil Red Express

 Melvin Winzenread

1941 Plymouth P11.  

Woody and Sandy Hummer
Milford, New Jersey




1966 Dodge Charger / numbers matching car
build date December 3rd 1965 sold by Carl Burger Dodge
I imported the car to Australia in 2010 
Mike Rofe
Kallaroo Western Australia

1959 Dodge Custom Royal
Had this one since 1999
big block (361) power
Mike Rofe
Kallaroo Western Australia



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