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     2016 Annual Meet, Belfast, Maine                Story and Photos below   

The meet this year was a bit different than past meets, but it was spectacular. The location was topnotch, the weather was beautiful and the cars were extraordinary.
The meet was the idea of Doug Mayer, who also hosted and put the meet on almost single handedly. He approached the board with the idea for the meet several years ago and regaled the membership during the 2014 meet in Auburn Hills with his stories of Maine and its inhabitants. People were sold and the trek to Maine began. With plans laid Doug made the trip to Springfield for the 2015 National Meet and told us more stories about the locals who seem to be a very eccentric and colorful bunch. So now we were definitely interested in meeting these exotic locals.
Nearly 120 WPC Club members went to Maine in September during the one week without flies to bring our Mopars to a place we had never been. First thing I noticed while there was the number of other national clubs having events in the area at the same time, Cadillac/LaSalle, Classic Car Club, and the Bugatti Owners. It was very impressive to see five vintage Bugattis drive past our hotel one afternoon. We kept crossing paths, but on different days with all the groups doing many of the same tours we were doing.
Members had a long list of tours to choose from, Acadia National Park, Owls Head Car Museum , Seal Cove Car Museum, and numerous boat tours. If you couldn’t find something of interest you didn’t try very hard. With Belfast being right on the ocean boat tours were numerous and varied, Maine State Ferry Boats, Schooners and tour boats going to many different destinations offered pleasant getaways and great scenic views of the coast.
Driving tours could take you to many different destinations, Tenants Harbor and Port Clyde, Castine, Buck Harbor or Brooksville, Deer Isle, Ellsworth and Bar Harbor a favorite destination for many and yet others went to Ellsworth and Winter Harbor. In each of these cites were many things to do from museums and interesting stores to many local eateries.
A particular item of interest to me was Acadia National Park on Mt. Desert Island. It was fitting to go there during the 100th Anniversary of the National Park system which has preserved so many worthy natural environments in the United States. The drive through the woods was gorgeous and quite busy, many WPC members went there (the cover photo was taken during the drive there), many of the members also went to Cadillac Mountain in the park for a magnificent view. Also on Mt Desert Island were the Seal Cove Auto Museum displaying about 50 vehicles mostly from the Brass Era and Bar Harbor which held a special appeal for several in our group as they had celebrated honeymoons there and this marked their first return.
The drives were easy, but road signs sometimes left a little to the indignation as we had some navigation issues, our GPS decided not to work and neither did my cellphone, which did bring a welcome respite from home.
On Friday night the locals have a cruise night at Remy’s where quite a few of our WPC members showed their cars before our Saturday show.
The Saturday show was held at Owl’s Head Transportation Museum about an hour south of the host hotel. The drive was very nice down the coast. Owl’s Head has cars and airplanes with a landing strip. We gathered our cars around a gazebo for the show which also featured an area for locals to show their cars. Among the locals were the Duke Boys and Sherriff Roscoe P Coltrane in pursuit.
After the judging and a pleasant day in the sun it was back to Belfast and the awards ceremony at the Fireside Inn. Awards were handed out in 11 classes this year and the winning cars are pictured along with this article.
One award at the National Meet is not given to a car but to a member, the Dr. David George Briant Spirit of the Meet Award, is given to the member who best represents what meets are all about. This year the award was given to Doug Mayer for his efforts putting on a really special meet.
As with every National Meet there are many people to thank for their assistance, first of all our host Doug Mayer for all his hard work on making this event happen, our team of ballot counters and car parkers, our photographers Pat Opipari for the official car photos and his wife Mary who provided much needed assistance, to Barbara Weiser, George Adams and Jack Zimmerman for additional photos. We must also thank all the WPC members who trekked to Belfast, Maine from near and far for another very successful meet.
Members came from all over the country and eastern Canada including California, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Florida, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire. The two biggest contingents of members came from Illinois and Michigan.
Next year we will meet in Tacoma, Washington in August, for more information look elsewhere in this issue of the WPC News.















































If you are a Facebook user,  you can see more photos of the meet events on our club facebook page.