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   Below:   2013 National Meet: Lake Elmo, Minnesota  July 17-21,2013   Story and Photos.          

Every Year we have our National Meet at a different geographic location. This year we were in Lake Eimo, Minnesota just east of St. Paul a lovely area of rolling hills and lakes, yet just a short hop into the big city.

Thursday saw the event get underway in earnest with a driving tour to Taylor's Falls where we boarded the Taylor's Falls Princess riverboat for a cruise and lunch on the St. Croix River.  Scenery was provided by Wisconsin on one side and Minnesota on the other. It was a nice to chat with old friends and make

some new ones. Upon return to land many of the group toured the town or went to the Winehaven Winery for wine tasting.

Friday the group boarded tour buses for a gangster tour of St. Paul which served as a hangout for many of Chicago's more infamous citizens during the 1930s. A few of them even found their way onto the tour buses and reverted to the evil ways.

Also featured on this tour were some of St. Paul's most historic structures. The St. Paul Cathedral and the James J. Hill mansion. The Hill mansion was finished in 1891 and served as the home of Mr. Hill and his family. The Hill fortune came from lumber and railroads. Mr. Hill was associated with the

Great Northern Railway and was known as the Empire Builder a name that lives on, on an Amtrack passenger train from Chicago to Portland and Seattle by the same name.  Friday afternoon saw one of the bigger swap meets at one of our meets in a long time.

The meet over all was unique in that it was a joint meet with the National DeSoto Club which provided us with the largest turnout of DeSotos most of us have ever seen. The two clubs  share many members who belong to both, but usually only get to attend one of the meets or the other in any green year,

so it seemed like an ideal way to enjoy all the cars of both.  A number of members brought cars to show with both clubs  which made it all the more interesting.

The clubs were parked contiguously for the show oe Saturday at the county fair grounds. The DeSotos grouped in an inner ring and the more numerous WPC cars facing them- It was interesting to see so many 1929 DeSotos at one place and the row of 1957 to 1959 DeSotos that seemed to go on forever.

We also had a fair number of Chrysler and DeSoto Airflows on display as many of them were on their way to their National Meet in Dayton, Ohio the following week.

A meet of this size takes a great deal of work to pull it off. The meet was chaired by Garry Yazell and Mickey Dunning.   (The David G. Briant Award winners for spirit of the a herculean task trying to blend two different groups together,  national board member Greg Biskey oversaw it  for the WPC, Club. The members of our 10,000 Lakes Region who provided assistance here needed. The many members of the WPC Club who aided with the myriad tasks of running the meet and who always graciously offer their help. Our Terry Williams, Ken Angyal and Barbara Weiser for providing us with a visual record of the meet which   helps make the magazine more interesting     And the many members of the  WPC Club and the National DeSoto Club who came out  made it all possible.


Now on to Auburn Hills to celebrate the  90th Anniversary of Chrysler in July 2014.




 More Photos here.