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WPC Club Board of Directors  /  updated August 25th, 2019



·         Patrick Opipari,  MI

Vice President

  •   Bill Adams, Oakdale, CA


  • Barbara Weiser, Elmhurst IL

Board Member

  • Ken Angyal,  Arlington, TX


  • Wayne Simonson, Ray, MI.

Board Member

  • Don Piscitelli,  NJ

Board Member

  • Kevin McCabe,   Windsor, ON, Canada


Board Member

  • Joe Bemer, Allegan MI    

Membership Director

Europoean Membership Co-ordinator

  • Vacant Position

Web Site Administrator

     WPC News Editor


·         Frank Pascoe



                                                         September 3, 2019       Updated Message from the WPC Board of Directors


Our former club president has retired. He forwarded a letter of his intent to retire

just a few days prior to the national meet in Detroit in August. At the national meet, which

Dick did not attend, the board met, elected a new president, (Patrick Opipari) and filled the

remaining board of director seats as needed.


A new editor of the WPC News has been appointed, Frank Pascoe, and is tasked with

bringing the quality of the magazine to that worthy of our organization. Frank is a long time

member and former designer with Chrysler for over 30 years.


A new membership chair has also been appointed, Terry Williams, who will be proactively

managing the membership and renewals with an upgraded system that will automate most of

the management and renewals for the WPC club and will soon offer it to the regions as an

option to help manage the region. This will include a piece for managing the national meets

and each region's meets if they so desire.


There have been multiple banking and financial discrepancies in the national club going back

a few years. There is an active investigation being undertaken by a few interested parties

including the bank and the Kalamazoo county sheriff’s office. The dollar amount in question is

substantial. Until the investigations are complete, we cannot release additional information

regarding it. However, once it is, we will release the pertinent details in the interest of



The club will survive this and live to fight another day. We are in a financial predicament but

we have identified a few viable solutions to get us over the immediate hump and into the

future. Terry Williams, our membership director has graciously offered to sing and dance if

you would be so kind as to take pity on him by putting money in his hat so he'll stop.


Moving forward: The new president and board of directors have taken a very active role in

righting the ship. The present level of participation and communication has not happened for

at least 20 years. We are all committed to having a viable and financially sound WPC national

club back in full swing ASAP. The WPC News will be current as soon as possible and with

excellent and informative content.


- Bill Adams, Vice President, on behalf of the Board of the WPC Club, INC.