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    Message from the Webmaster -  Why you should belong to a club.




OK,  so now you have a face and know what kind of a car I drive.  Naturally,  a Chrysler Product - a 1960 Chrysler Saratoga.  I'm glad you found your way to this page of our web site.    First,  I've been into cars as long as I can remember.  Back in the late 1950s when I was a small boy I could pick out a Ford from a Dodge or Pontiac,  and those beautiful late 1950s cars with their fins and wrap around windshields got me hooked at an early age.  I knew the year of every car on the road,  except for the Imports which at that time were mostly British.   My parents drove a British Ford Import  which I had no use for.  Sorry if I've offended any Brits or British car lovers - I am of Scots and English descent myself.  Just have no real excitement for British cars, but as I get older I appreciate them a little more.   I always wanted something big, beautiful,  bold in statement, built in North America, and exciting to drive - with as many power gadgets as I could handle.   My first car, in 1974 was a 1958 Dodge Custom Royal 2 door hardtop.  Over the years since then I've owned 7 Forward Look era Chrysler Products and this is the latest, ( bought in 2008)  which I plan to keep for quite a while.

In 1976 or so I was looking for a club to join so that I could find some elusive parts for the car I then owned,  which was a 1960 Dodge Polara four door hardtop ( now owned by a good friend of mine).  I finally found this club in 1978, joined immediately and have been a continuous member ever since.  That happens to be 41 years at this time of writing.   I've attended National and Regional Meets since 1980 (not every year)  and I have to tell you it's been a lot of fun.  In 1997 I started this web site for the club and have been maintaining and upgrading it since then.   

Each day I receive an average of  4-8 inquiries by Email through this site, and many of them are from non-members asking me where to find a specific part for their 19XX  Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Chrysler, Imperial etc.   As I am only one human being of limited resources,  and nowhere near the age of the Chrysler Corp. which  was established in 1925,  I cannot possibly know where to find all  these parts for all these years of cars.   If I  researched and answered every inquiry for apart,  I would have no time for anything else.   This is where I'm gonna be blunt.   IF you are not a member, and if you own an old Chrysler Product and  are having a hard time looking for a part,  you need to belong to this club.   Its a simple matter of arithmetic.   You join,  you read the magazine,  you read the ads,  you place your own ads,  you contact other members,   you attend a meet once in a while, you get to know other members,  make friends.   You will find your parts.   There has never been a part I could not find for one of my cars since I've been a member of this club.   Most of the parts I've found over the years have been from other club members,  some parts from Ebay ( and even then some of those parts were from club members!) 

Again,  I cannot stress ENOUGH how important it is for an old car owner, of the need to belong to an organization that caters to the type of car he or she owns.   You need to be a member,  you need to be involved in a club.   This club caters to all Chrysler Products.  If you aren't a member and own one of these old beasts,  then for goodness sake PLEASE JOIN.   And get involved in some of the on line discussion forums.   There are a huge amount of these forums that also cater to the different eras and models of Chrysler Products.    Since the Internet has come into being it has made finding parts for old cars a huge amount easier, but a club membership is still important.   For the life of me,  I cannot understand why anyone who owns an old car would not want to belong to an organization that caters to the type of car they own. 

We are a worldwide club, & many of the members are suppliers who advertise in our club magazine, A number of these suppliers are listed on our club resources page and our Reproduction Suppliers page.  Itís hard for me to understand the number of people who send email to me asking for specific parts without even first checking out these pages and some of the links.  Read through the site,  spend some time on it and you will be amazed at the number of resources that are available just on this site,  through information and links to other useful sites that will help you in your on-going search.

Have I said enough?   Take this link to join us.                            

     -   Ian Smale, webmaster of the WPC Club, INC.  


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