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Volume 49#03


 1951-1952 Plymouth



President's Message from the WPC News Magazine    



Volume 49 Number 03    Dec-2017-Jan-2018


Chattanooga National Meet

We have more information about this year's National Meet in Chattanooga, Tennessee September 4-8, 2018. It looks like an action packed week of fun things to do. From touring Civil War battlefields to a Whiskey Distillery to the place we buy tires for our collector cars. Not to mention a car museum and the International Towing Museum filled with antique wreckers.


People are already making reservations at the hotel and sending in registration forms for what should be a fun week ofMoparing in the South. Make your plans now to join us.

This past Winter

This winter has been a rough one for me with two bouts of the flu or other illnesses making the rounds this year. Everyone at work has also been through it twice and my family and grandkids have also had it, though the youngest (4 months) got over it the quickest in just two days. So this has definitely slowed me down with all the many projects I need to get done at work, at home, and for the club. But at last I am feeling better and seem to be running up to speed again.

Lois Jensen

For years Lois and her husband and former President Chuck Jensen were regulars at National Meets. After Chuck passed away in 2006 Lois just kept on going, a few years ago she moved to the Atlanta area to be closer to her daughter, so we kind of lost track of her doings.

We were recently informed of her passing away last July at the age of 90.1 am sure she was still going full speed at the time. She and Chuck were like a second pair of parents to me as they were so nice and always there if I or the club  needed them to help out with some project. And Lois was behind the donation of Chuck's literature collection to the Gilmore Car Museum where it formed the basis for their Research Library and Archives. Chuck's collection of automobile literature and automotive ads numbered nearly 20,000 pieces and from that the Gilmore Library now has well over 500,000 pieces in its collection. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lois' daughters Sally and Holly and their families.

Until next  time


Dick Bowman







For approximately the last year the WPC News has suffered production issues and has been consistently late. As I write this on May 11, 2018, the Dec-2017-Jan-2018 issue has just been delivered. We hope to get the Feb-Mar-2018 issue out by mid June. The problem has been with the shop that prints the WPC News. It has been under new ownership and they have been unable to meet our obligations and time line, and have, in fact, not paid a subcontractor who has been involved with them in publishing the WPC News. In order to get the Dec-Jan Issue out the club finally had to pay the sub-contractor the funds that were owed them by the contractor. We have now found another shop to print the magazine and hope to get it back on schedule as time permits. We apologize for these delays.


-      Ian Smale, webmaster























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